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Gain an edge over your competition, by leveraging an independent certified expert to see how your CRM and related integrated systems compare to the WhiteRock best practice standards. Over the course of 30 days, WhiteRock will provide high-quality service of audit and remedy documentation. You will receive a written report of findings in great detail at a fixed price.

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Be proactive. Keep a pulse on your system health.

This evaluation has been specifically designed to audit your system mechanics, organization, and level of optimization quality at the depth best suited to your unique needs and environmental conditions. We offer 4 levels of service for 4 different levels of need:

  • Compass: Best suited for the review of a specific function
  • Map: Best suited for a single system integration to Salesforce that needs to be reimagined, improved, corrected, or reviewed for improvement
  • GPS: Best suited for multiple integrations existing upstream and downstream to Salesforce that need to be reviewed for reimagining, improvement recommendations, correction, or other
  • Guide: Included in a new implementation price or for existing Salesforce instance in a scenario where there are problems with data quality and any/all of the other service criteria above

At times, Salesforce configurations and overall system health need to be examined. Don’t let Salesforce become a burden to users and the customers that you serve, keep a pulse on your system health and quickly resolve the root of your technical problems.

WhiteRock Audit services are designed to help with a deep review of the mechanics of your Salesforce instance, from user and data security to system integrations and all parts in between. WhiteRock ensures a steady and policy-driven change management process to help you keep your systems aligned even with constant changes to business processes.

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