Support Services

Salesforce and Salesforce Integration Annual Support Services provide your organization with a well-organized solution for keeping up with your business changes that affect how you serve your customers and prospects.

Support keeps your CRM systems aligned to deliver accurate revenue forecasting for leadership and management while delivering a great experience that is organized.  Your customer will benefit from this significantly in the long term and maintain loyalty.

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Salesforce Annual Support Services


Tier 1

  • Administration – All administrative tasks listed on the Administration Tab plus object/creation management. Custom Apex, Visualforce, and Lightning Component creation is not included.
  • User support for questions – Those cases where you know what you want but you don’t know how to solve it quickly and need to off load the task configuration
  • Provide updates to reporting and dashboards that exists and add up to 15 new reports and dashboards annually
  • Provide overviews and impact analysis for Salesforce’s 3 annual upgrades
  • Provide Critical Update testing in a sandbox before deploying to production

Tier 2

  • All Tier 1 Services plus:
  • Backup and Emergency Restoration Services
  • Salesforce Process Changes and Improvements
  • Automated notification and alert setup
  • Automated Workflows designed and developed
  • Process Builder setup – limited to 10 annually
  • Create Validation Rules – limited to 6 per object annually
  • Training management – Train the Trainer

Tier 3

  • All Tier 2 services plus:
  • Leadership Guidance on Best Practices related to CRM
  • Guidance on expanding the use of Salesforce to custom fit to bring other workflows on to the Salesforce platform
  • Strategic Planning accountability on CRM platform
  • Customer Facing Strategies with Metric Development
  • Strategic, Collaborative, and Tactical Revenue Forecasting

Note:  Other Salesforce Platforms and Support Services can be customized for you.

7hat can you expect from our Salesforce Annual Support Services?


  • Reduced Cost – Using a third-party support firm like White Rock is more cost-effective than hiring a Salesforce  expert in-house.
  • Improved Focus – With a Salesforce-certified expert just a few clicks away, you can focus on growing your business.  It’s important to have the peace of mind that if anything goes wrong, you have an expert (and the White Rock team) on hand to quickly resolve your issues.
  • Long-term improvement – through our expertise, we provide the map to climb the mountain of Salesforce.  Both platforms have lots of capability that can be daunting to anyone that doesn’t have the proper training and experience.
  • Access to WhiteRock leadership – our leadership team knows how to create the trajectory to success and keep you moving toward the top.  With a combined 75 years in leadership, innovation, business, and technology, you are in great hands.

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