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Helping Clear Energy Customize the Affordable Salesforce Essentials Edition

Clear Energy is an environmental company focused on sustainable and green energy solutions. The company’s rapid growth is proof that organizations can grow significantly by investing in the Salesforce entry-level edition, Salesforce Essentials.

Why Clear Energy Needed a Customizable CRM

When Clear Energy reached out to us, they were already using another CRM, but it could not be customized. Clear Energy needed a system that would help them serve their customers in a more organized manner. Their also needed their CRM to report on key metrics to help their leadership make sound decisions based on real-time data.

Project Details

Client Name

Clear Energy

Project duration

Less than 30 days 

Project Scope

Migrating Data from Legacy System, setting up Salesforce Essentials, Ongoing Training and Support

Salesforce Essentials Provided an Affordable CRM Solution

The WhiteRock team extracted all the data from their legacy system, then imported into the Salesforce Essentials license platform. While Salesforce Essentials is the entry-level licensing option for Salesforce Sales Cloud, it still provided the leadership and customer solutions Clear Energy needed. We had the Clear Energy team up and running on the new system in less than 30 days.

Salesforce Training and Support

In addition to data migration and set up of Salesforce Essentials, WhiteRock provided essential guidance in the design of a cost-effective Salesforce CRM system. We have also conducted initial and ongoing training, key reporting, and continuing support. Through our ongoing support, Clear Energy’s sales team has access to our expertise to implement workflow improvements.

How Salesforce Essentials Has Increased Sales

Clear Energy now has confidence in their CRM, which successfully keeps their sales team up-to-date with sales activity as well as forecasting sales pipelines.. Our expert support also helps the sales team provide high value, timely conversations with potential and existing customers. Close rates have increased in part due to leveraging the system to deliver predictive analysis of the sales pipeline as well as expected deal transaction closing. Because their sales are now measurable, leadership can discern where the sales team stands at any given time.