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It’s no secret that technology has become a cornerstone of innovation across industries. One such industry experiencing a significant transformation is facility management, where companies like SEAM Group are leveraging cutting-edge solutions to drive efficiency, reliability, and safety. In a recent podcast episode, I sat down with Igor Bondarenko, the Chief Technology Officer at SEAM Group, who shared invaluable insights into the company’s transformative journey and the key principles guiding their success.

The Role of Technology in Facility Management

SEAM Group is a global leader in energized asset performance, seamlessly blending safety, maintenance, and reliability initiatives. With a focus on the commercial industrial sector, SEAM Group serves clients in manufacturing, logistics, distribution, hospitality, and beyond. Their core mission revolves around helping their clients protect their people and assets while ensuring operational uptime.

At the heart of SEAM Group’s mission lies a commitment to using technology to differentiate their services and contribute to building a safer and more reliable world. Bondarenko emphasizes the pivotal role technology plays in addressing the challenges faced by facility management customers. From overwhelming complexity to reliance on outdated solutions, customers are in dire need of these innovative technology-driven approaches to navigate their businesses effectively.

Never Underestimate the Complexity of Standardizing Technology

Bondarenko shared valuable insight into the inherent challenges of standardizing technology across a business landscape. He emphasizes the importance of never underestimating the complexity involved in this process. From integrating disparate systems to ensuring alignment with overarching business objectives, standardizing technology requires time, patience, and a deep understanding of the intricacies involved. The success of this endeavor also hinges on a well-structured approach encompassing people, processes, and technology.

Sticking to the People, Process, and Technology Triad

Central to Bondarenko’s approach is this concept of the “people-process-technology triad.”  He pointed out that technology alone cannot achieve success, saying, “Technology is a great enabler and a great differentiator. Strategically, for us, it’s been transformative but technology only succeeds when people know what’s expected. They understand their goals, they understand their mission, they’re empowered to succeed, and processes are clearly understood and committed to.” This alignment ensures that technology can effectively deliver on its promises and drive meaningful transformation within the organization.

The “One SEAM” Vision: A Unified Strategy

One of SEAM Group’s key strategies is their “One SEAM” vision. Bondarenko spoke to this, saying, “For us, one of the biggest priorities to take SEAM Group to the next level from its inception was the alignment of our different service offerings that we put in front of our customers into one unified strategy.” This approach not only simplifies how SEAM Group presents itself to customers but also positions them as a strategic, trusted advisor for all reliability and maintenance needs. Through this cohesive strategy, SEAM Group aims to provide unparalleled value to their customers and drive long-term success.

Viewpoint System: The Digital Crown Jewel

Central to SEAM Group’s offerings is their Viewpoint system, heralded as their “digital Crown Jewel.” This system offers customers a comprehensive, real-time view of their assets across all sites worldwide. With Viewpoint, customers gain invaluable insights that inform decision-making, and improve efficiency. SEAM Group gave their customers a voice in the development of Viewpoint and the response to it has been extremely positive, “we hear loud and clear from our customers, from our field engineers, and from our sales folks that it really makes a difference.”

Think Big and Work Incrementally

Another key piece of advice from Bondarenko was to “think big and work small. Have a big vision, have a BHAG but deliver it in small steps.” He encourages organizations to envision ambitious goals but to implement changes incrementally to avoid the pitfalls of big bang changes. This approach not only mitigates the risks associated with large-scale changes but also helps in managing the inherent challenges of change management. Recognizing that change is both hard and exciting, this strategy ensures a smoother transition for both customers and employees.

Balancing Growth and Strategic Alignment

SEAM Group acknowledges that rapid growth brings its own set of challenges, particularly in prioritizing initiatives and aligning technology strategy with business objectives. Bondarenko underscores the importance of staying true to the company’s mission and prioritizing initiatives based on their potential to deliver customer value.

The Power of Partnerships: Collaboration with WhiteRock

In navigating these challenges, SEAM Group has found a valuable ally in WhiteRock. The partnership between the two companies exemplifies the power of collaboration in driving innovation and success. WhiteRock serves as a trusted advisor, providing expertise in CRM solutions and helping SEAM Group navigate complex technology challenges. Together, they are pioneering transformative solutions that are reshaping the facility management landscape.

Future Vision: Commitment to Innovation and Customer Value

As SEAM Group looks to the future, they remain committed to driving innovation and delivering value to their customers. With ambitious plans for further investment in technology and strategic partnerships, they are poised to continue making waves in the industry and revolutionizing facility management as we know it.

In conclusion, SEAM Group’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of technology and strategic partnerships in driving innovation and success. By leveraging cutting-edge solutions, sticking to the people, process, and technology triad, and prioritizing customer value, they are paving the way for a safer, more reliable world. With their forward-thinking approach and collaborative spirit, SEAM Group is set to continue leading the charge in revolutionizing the facility management industry.

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