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When it comes to the Knowledge-Intensive Service industry, it’s imperative for your organization to respond quickly and appropriately to each customer’s individual situation and needs. As your company grows, however, it can be difficult to provide the high-quality service clients demand if your customer relationship capabilities are outdated and decentralized.

Connect your service company in a way that will drive performance. Integrating your CRM system with all other systems paves the road for happy customers. Today’s businesses need their Salesforce program to seamlessly integrate with existing systems in order to provide a single, reliable source of truth. When set up properly, Salesforce can provide you and your customers with real-time data that keeps your team on track, while keeping customers in the know.

How can Salesforce impact my Knowledge-Intensive Service Organization?

A well strategized and executed CRM can easily provide insights on your customers’ and sales leads’ needs, and help your company run more smoothly in the process.

Many service companies were built using inflexible IT legacy architecture that was never designed for interconnection and transparency. By integrating all systems with Salesforce, your company will have access to a single source of truth, real-time data, and a holistic, 360-degree view of customers and processes.

Our team of Certified Salesforce Architects and Hubspot experts can maximize the benefits of these leading customer relations management programs so they fit your team’s specific needs. Contact us for a free consultation today.


Salesforce Impact on Services Companies
WhiteRock Partner Service Company

Why is WhiteRock the right partner for my Service company?

We bring our knowledge of marketing and sales flows, digital transformation, and what “parts to order” for your business into this partnership.  WhiteRock is a team of Salesforce experts that you can trust and count on to get you running full-speed! We know the industry and we take the time to understand your needs and map out a plan to implement the right solution.

How can Salesforce improve my Customer Service?

Salesforce allows your organization to consolidate all of your customer data in one place and provides a real-time 360-degree view for your sales and operational teams. This improves communication with your staff and your customers. If customers contact your company with questions or problems, any team member can access their information to easily provide customers with up-to-date answers about their services. Your phone representatives can find the answers they need all in the customer’s online record without having to contact field representatives or pass on to other departments.
Salesforce also automates messages so that customers receive the right information at the right time. Though automated, these messages are personalized based on the customer’s or prospect’s behavior, so you are not wasting their time, or yours. This personalization helps customers feel more valued.

Salesforce Impact Customer Service