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In a recent podcast episode, Simon Boyce, Chief Revenue Officer of SEAM Group shared insights into the company’s remarkable journey of growth and efficiency within the industrial safety and reliability industry. SEAM Group has distinguished itself with its commitment to creating a safer, more reliable world, with Boyce playing a central role in strategically leading the company toward new heights of success and distinction.

SEAM Group is a global leader in energized asset performance, seamlessly blending safety, maintenance, and reliability initiatives. With a focus on the commercial industrial sector, SEAM Group serves clients in manufacturing, logistics, distribution, hospitality, and beyond. Their core mission revolves around helping their clients protect their people and assets while ensuring operational uptime.

Boyce outlined the advisory role that SEAM Group serves for its customers. By educating clients on emerging regulations, potential challenges, and long-term program planning, SEAM Group has positioned itself as a trusted partner in mitigating risks and optimizing operations.

Challenges: Maximizing Sales Effectiveness

When asked about challenges that SEAM Group faces, Boyce shared that with their sales team, it’s all about effectiveness, “how do we maximize the time our sales reps spend talking to customers and actually prospecting and helping our customers get projects set up? We want them spending less time in our tools like Salesforce, doing data entry, and less time having to fill out forms.”

Boyce recognized the need to maximize time spent by their sales team on productive activities early in his tenure with the company, sharing that, “When I got here the comment I heard from sales reps was that it can take eight to ten minutes to close out an opportunity once we get a PO (purchase order) because there are so many required fields.” Through partnering with WhiteRock to help cut down on unnecessary fields and tighten up integrations, “now it takes less than a minute to close out an opportunity assuming that person has the correct information.”

Support and Forecasting: Leveraging Technology for Growth

Our team at WhiteRock has partnered with SEAM Group for a few years now and we’ve assisted them with optimizing Salesforce and integrating their tech stack. This collaboration has yielded substantial time efficiencies for SEAM Group. SEAM Group’s ability to forecast business trends has also improved significantly, facilitating enhanced coordination with delivery teams and enabling better planning and resource allocation.

On the topic of forecasting, Boyce shared, “In my role, I need to predictably forecast what business is coming 30, 60, 90 days down the road. That then needs to be passed on to our operations team so they can schedule and plan accordingly.” Through WhiteRock’s improvements to SEAM Group’s Salesforce instance, their forecasting capabilities have been elevated to provide a level of predictability that the business hadn’t seen previously.

“With the predictability, the dashboards, and what we’ve been able to do with Salesforce, we’re running a much tighter business now” Boyce shared. “Now I can regularly communicate to our operations partners what business is coming and what the next 30, 60, 90 days look like which just let us run our business a lot better than in the past.”

Growth and Unified Vision for Success

Reflecting on the past year, Boyce emphasized SEAM Group’s impressive growth trajectory and the maturation of its sales team. Looking ahead, SEAM Group aims to further stabilize its operations while leveraging technology to drive future growth. 

In leveraging content and use cases, SEAM Group harnesses the power of inbound leads, facilitating more effective interactions with customers through meetings and conversations. Boyce emphasizes the importance of elevating engagements to a strategic level and navigating to the right stakeholders within customer organizations to drive meaningful discussions and initiatives.

As SEAM Group continues to evolve, it has coalesced into a unified entity under the banner of One SEAM, with streamlined operations and a clearer vision for the future. The company has experienced significant growth and momentum, with over a 30% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) and a 20% year-over-year increase in rep activity, facilitated by faster onboarding of new sales reps.

SEAM Group’s technology stack has been instrumental in enhancing internal reporting for field services, enabling better decision-making and resource allocation. However, Boyce emphasizes that success hinges on aligning people, processes, and technology in that order, emphasizing the importance of human capital in driving organizational excellence.

Choosing the Right Partner: Value Beyond Metrics

When selecting partners, SEAM Group defines specific criteria like focusing on speed of response and customer service and the ability to serve as a trusted sounding board. Boyce highly recommends seeking a partner like WhiteRock, emphasizing that the value derived from this collaboration extends beyond financial metrics.

“I think what we’ve paid WhiteRock in investment has been paid back tenfold in efficiency, effectiveness, and reporting and just getting us headed in the right direction and even some things that you can’t measure such as rep morale from not having Salesforce error out because fields aren’t being completed.”

The Future Looks Bright For SEAM Group

As SEAM Group embarks on its next chapter of growth and innovation, Boyce’s visionary leadership remains instrumental in steering the company toward sustained success and excellence. Through strategic partnerships, streamlined processes, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, SEAM Group is poised to redefine standards in industrial safety and reliability for years to come.

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