Strategy: Planning Your Destination

Effective CRM journeys start with a plan, not just a platform.

If you suddenly decided wanted to climb a huge mountain, you’d never just find a mountain and start walking upward. You’d research what experts had to say and develop a plan.

The same should hold true when implementing a CRM. That’s where our team of Salesforce Architects at White Rock can help serve as your trainers and guides, starting with choosing your CRM destination. Using our Hubspot training and Salesforce certification, we will work with your organization to maximize your CRM’s features and benefits and ensure your organization makes it to the top of that mountain.

“How can a CRM program help my business?”

This is a question that companies in every industry across Arkansas and surrounding states ask every single day. However, we believe it’s not the most important question to consider.

Here’s why: 

  • What does CRM stand for? That’s right. Customer relationship management, not company resource management. While organizations often turn to Salesforce or Hubspot software to improve things like sales and profits, at the core, CRM programs are about how to better serve your customers.
  • Yes, a strong CRM strategy can help your organization grow its sales. In fact, according to a Salesforce study, on average, using Salesforce software can increase sales by around 30% and increase each salesperson’s revenue by more than 40%.
  • Yes, using Salesforce can help increase and foster productivity across departments. By storing data in a centralized, cloud-based CRM, your entire team can gain access to a holistic view of your customers and your organization. This can also help reduce or eliminate a lot of wasted, duplicate administrative tasks.
  • Yes, a CRM can help you improve website conversions and marketing campaigns. By providing a better user experience and offering personalized content based on your viewers’ location, source, device, and language, conversions and traffic are bound to grow.
  • And yes, a strong CRM strategy can ultimately boost your bottom line – often quite significantly.

These are some of the many benefits of using Salesforce and Hubspot. However, the biggest impact a CRM strategy can have on your company is to make your customers happier, and in turn, your organization stronger.

Let Us Help You Get Started!

Whether you are considering investing in a CRM, or need help customizing or maximizing your current Salesforce or Hubspot CRM for your organization’s specific needs, we at White Rock are here to help. Simply click the button to provide some basic information so we can determine the best place to begin for you, and someone from our team will reach out to you as soon as possible.