Testing and Training in Salesforce and Hubspot

Mountain climbing experts recommend that even the most physically active individuals train for at least four to six months before taking on a large mountain. Experts recommend ramping up training slowly to avoid risking injury.

The same holds true for your CRM. Getting your Salesforce or Hubspot platform exactly the way you want it takes time and practice. This is what we refer to as the testing and training phase.

During the testing phase, we encourage feedback from the entire team so we can see what’s working great and what needs some tweaking. Every weakness found during the testing trial brings a new opportunity to improve and perfect for your specific needs. Coming up with the right solution is not instantaneous, but it is worth it in the long run.

However, even a perfectly crafted CRM system will only work if your team members participate in making it work. That’s why we come in and train your team to ensure are using the system properly.

While it’s often tempting to jump in and implement every new CRM strategy at once, that can be overwhelming to your team. We often recommend introducing Hubspot training and Salesforce implementation a little at a time as opposed to making massive changes all at once. Introducing new CRM policies to your team gradually generally leads to a smoother transition.


Let Us Help You Get Started!

Whether you are considering investing in a CRM, or need help customizing or maximizing your current Salesforce or Hubspot CRM for your organization’s specific needs, we at White Rock are here to help. Simply click the button to provide some basic information so we can determine the best place to begin for you, and someone from our team will reach out to you as soon as possible.