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How SC Home Reworked Its OEM Software to Maximize Project and Customer Management

SC Home, provider of residential and commercial installation of doors, siding, windows, and roofing reached out to us via referral because they were struggling with project and customer management. They were using a great OEM product on the Salesforce.com platform called Impoveit360, but were considering moving to a full Salesforce.com license suite.

Project Details:

Client Name

SC Home

Project duration

6 Months

Project Scope

Improve project management, customer communication tracking, and mobile deployment using ImproveIt360!

Building a project and customer management solution in conjunction with ImproveIt360!

SC Home was struggling with several things: project management, customer communication tracking, mobile deploying, and effective customer call handling. After extensively reviewing and evaluating the situation, we encouraged the SC Home to stay with their current software rather than invest in a whole new program, but allow the expert WhiteRock team help build a solution in conjunction with ImproveIt360!

How a New CRM Helped Improve customer relations and project management

Following our review, we came up with four immediate projects that needed to be completed:

• Building a customized email system for better customer communication tracking. The new system would be nested into the Salesforce.com platform, allowing users to not only send and receive emails to and from customers, but also have those emails show up in the customer’s activity record. Doing so let the emails be used in the Salesforce platform’s standard reports and dashboards so they could be integrated to provide a 360 degree look at each of their customers.

• Assisting and training staff for improved project management. We offered more in-depth training in the ImproveIt360! custom object so that they could better use automated project activities to track documentation and progress for each customer installation. Because this allowed for better real time management, this solution also help improve the accuracy of job cost data.
• Reconfiguring their mobile app. The new app allowed the field team to use their phone to set appointments, take pictures of job sites, attach photos and other documents to customer profiles, and maintain a full view calendar to keep scheduling on track.
• Integrating their RingCentral cloud-based telephone system with their customer records. This helped call agents better handle incoming calls by being able to view the customer’s record in a new window. This sped up the service without interrupting any current work that was being performed.

360-Degree Project Management

These initial projects had immediate positive results. Projects were no longer tracked outside of Salesforce, which allowed the team to turn to one place for a 360-degree view of each project at any time. This also allowed management to receive customized, real-time reports on the status of any project.

Improve Customer Correspondence

Customer relations also improved. Having customer email correspondence in Salesforce meant that messages could easily be looked up in customer records.

Team members worked more efficiently.

Phone calls were handled faster. Sales calls were more effective because the sales reps no longer had to come back to the office to key in their customer-related notes. As a result, labor costs were reduced. The workload has been redistributed, and now more money can be spent in production and marketing.