WhiteRock Healthcare Case Study

How Salesforce’s Cloud-Based Technology Helped Arkansas’s Largest Healthcare Provider

The business development team for Arkansas’s largest healthcare provider, Baptist Health, contacted WhiteRock because they needed an effective cloud-based, mobile solution and their staff did not have the time or skills needed to migrate to a new CRM platform themselves.

Baptist Case Study

Project Details:

Client Name

Baptist Health

Project duration

60 Days

Project Scope

New Implementation & Data Migration

Why Baptist Health needed a Cloud-Based CRM

The Baptist Health Business Development Division’s previous CRM did not have an effective cloud or mobile solution. This mean that their team had to return to their office each day before they could update their data files.

Migrating Data to Salesforce

We worked with their management team to develop a solution using Salesforce, then purchased their software licenses, created the system architecture, and executed the migration, which consisted of moving 8,500 records into the new CRM.

Customizing Salesforce for Our Client’s Needs

During the process, we also created custom fields that fit Baptist Health’s specific needs, built data validation, created solutions using free apps from the Salesforce.com AppExchange, and worked one-on-one with the business development team to ensure that they had a solid launch of the program and new features.

How Moving to the Cloud Helped Baptist Health

By switching to Salesforce’s cloud-based technology, Baptist Health’s reps were able to work faster, put in fewer hours, and forego returning to the office before heading home. Following meetings, their reps can now immediately update physician records from their iPhones, iPads, Androids, or laptops.

CRM Training and Continued Support

Baptist Health can also now extend Salesforce into other parts of their organization, and they know we will be there to provide guidance and training. The WhiteRock team continues to support Baptist Health as new policies are implemented and new needs arise.