Project Solutions

As your customer facing systems like CRM, marketing platforms (Hubspot Marketing, Pardot, Marketing Cloud), websites, SEO, and accounting billing systems need to be further customized over time to meet new business requirements.  With WhiteRock support services, we handle many aspects for ongoing changes but large changes require some new customization or new integration to further the improvement cycles for your team.  This is where WhiteRock can really help because these changes require expertise to develop a design that is costs effective while meeting the new requirements.  

Components of a Project Solution

While no project solution is the same to us, they all have the same ingredients as keys to a successful project.  Our team will work with you to:

  • Identify the key objectives
  • Understand the delivery time requirements
  • Learn the outcome requirements
  • Design the custom solution that is cost effective
  • Develop, test, and train according to our engineering methodoly

Let's Get Started!

Whether you’re thinking about investing in a Customer Relationship Management tool, or need to customize your current CRM (Salesforce, HubSpot, etc.), WhiteRock is here to help. Just click the button below and provide some basic information so we can get back to you with the most appropriate next steps.