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Could A Stranger Drive Your CRM If You Gave Them The Keys?


Fundamentally, CRM should be easy to use, quick to record information, rapidly report your activity, and allow new employees to quickly ramp up.  If you can’t do this, then you have hurt your approach to customers and prospective customers.

My challenge is if a stranger can’t login and figure out how to navigate our CRM and business processes within an hour, then we have poorly affected the organization and it will trickle into new and large problems.  Regardless of which CRM tools you use, they must provide organization and order to your customer processes and workflows.

So, what are the key ingredients that drive organization, reliability, and accuracy in your CRM system and related strategies?

  1. Data input policies – if your team doesn’t know what to enter, when to enter it, and where it goes, then your reporting will not be organized and your decision making will suffer from this lack of organization.
  2. Organize your Search abilities – if your team can’t search quickly and find what they need with just a few keystrokes, then chances are the information is going to go into the wrong spot. Organize your search configurations to help your team members get where they need to get in an organized manner.
  3. Organize your sales process – this is vital to your cash flow and revenue forecast. If you are not organized here, then your money will reflect it.
  4. Organize and optimize the integrations of other systems with your CRM – talk about organizing your business! If you can get the key data elements from the other systems used in your organization on to the page that describes the organization and its contacts within your CRM, you are organized.  This is a tough goal sometimes too.  So plan it, work toward it, and don’t stop until it is done.  Be resilient!

Summing this up, if you will organize your CRM, then your customer wins and the perception that your newly found prospects will be self-evident.  Organizing information is what drives the rest of the CRM outcomes so that you know what is happening accurately.  This drives great decisions and forecasting which is the heart of your future.  Keep up and organize.  It will pay off handsomely.

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