Build: Gearing Up

Every mountain climb is unique, and the gear that you need to use for each trek can vary. Just the rope, for example, comes in multiple types, lengths, weights, and has varying features. They may all be good ropes, but they aren’t necessarily the right ropes for your specific ascent.

The same holds true for your CRM. Salesforce and Hubspot are great CRM platforms that have been designed and refined to do a large percentage of what most organizations want from a CRM. At White Rock, we’re not trying to reinvent the CRM wheel (or in this analogy, the rope). We’re custom fitting it to maximize its benefits for your specific organizational needs.

Think about what separates your company from your competitors. You may be in the same industry, but your organization is still unique. It only makes sense, then, that your CRM may have some unique requirements as well.

Unfortunately, automated is not automatic. It takes time and effort to properly set up CRM technology correctly, and it requires expertise to really make sure your Salesforce program or Hubspot platform are being utilized to their greatest potential. In fact, Salesforce studies found that an estimated 43% of businesses with a CRM system in place utilize less than half of their CRM system correctly.

Our team of certified Salesforce architects are experts in both Salesforce and Hubspot. Whether you are just getting started with these CRM programs, or have been using them for years but they’re not quite pulling its weight, we can help get the software working specifically with your company’s needs in mind.

In many cases, we can use the Salesforce Lightning Platform, allowing us to quickly create and activate rock-solid applications, that are secure and scalable, without requiring additional hardware or application stacks.

Let Us Help You Get Started!

Whether you are considering investing in a CRM, or need help customizing or maximizing your current Salesforce or Hubspot CRM for your organization’s specific needs, we at White Rock are here to help. Simply click the button to provide some basic information so we can determine the best place to begin for you, and someone from our team will reach out to you as soon as possible.